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Susanna Radaelli

Born and raised in Milan, Italy with a strong connection to art and fashion, Susanna began modeling and her career elevated to walk the runways of major fashion houses for over a decade. This professional experience enabled her the opportunity to watch the process of fashion production and influenced her to start a small laboratory that create and produced children's clothing. Her love of travel took her across the globe and eventually moved her family to the US where Los Angeles became her home. She worked in photography and later post production in Hollywood.

Susie Mama was conceived after inspirations from graffiti and urban messages on a trip to her home country: Italy the itinerary was from Milan to Palermo, to Venice and the Alps. The company founded in 2017 with Lloyd Chiate and Juliette Sedlacek is a tale of three cities Milano, Los Angeles, and New York, the cities of our hearts. Eco friendly apparel, science, nature, and love motivated.

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